Our Story

The Hogan Family

We are Spencer + Erica Hogan. We have a beautiful daughter named Sophie Renee and on October 14th, 2020 we welcomed our second daughter Piper Marie Hogan into the world early. Within the same day she had passed away.

This left us heart broken as it would for any parent. We didn't know what to do as we walked out of the hospital with just a memory box we knew we wanted to do something.

During the pregnancy our daughter Sophie told us that she wanted a baby sister that she could read stories too just like mommy & daddy. We couldn't help but think of the memories this would create not only for those two little girls but for us as family.

During the very early stages of grieving the loss of Piper we created this idea that we could collect books for the Sault Area Hospital Maternity Unit, so that every baby born could go home with a new book and hopefully spark the love of reading one day in that child.

This idea quickly grew into what we know it as now, The Piper Project. 

We will hand deliver books to the Hospital Monthly, If you would like to donate, please check out the donate page.

We also would like to thank the entire team at the Sault Area Hospital for everything they did for Piper & us during that very sad & difficult time for our family. They made us feel so loved while we were in their care.